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Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 31, 2011 SEPP Annual Report, EPA, MACT, Lisa Jackson, mercury, air toxics, utilities, biofuel, atmospheric temperatures, satellite temperatures, Climategate, climate change, global warming, green energy, models and observations, ocean acidification, coal age
Dec 17, 2011 Durban, COP-17, Kyoto, BASIC, carbon dioxide emissions, IPCC, NIPCC, hockey-stick, Climategate, hurricanes, FOI, freedom of information, atmospheric temperatures, satellite temperature measurements, global temperatures, cellulosic ethanol
Dec 10, 2011 COP-17, IPCC, climate change, global warming, Santer, Mann, cherry-picking, disinformation, AGU, Tim Ball, Roger Pielke Sr. FERC, EPA, DOE, Durban, Climategate, FOI, Senator Boxer, Kyoto, UN, Hansen, sea levels, fracking, nuclear energy, wind power.
Dec 3, 2011 Climategate, CRU, IPCC, Michael Mann, Anthony Watts, Marc Morano, Tom Wigley, leaker, COP 17, Durban, Green Climate Fund, climate ethics, FERC, EPA, fracking, hurricanes,
Nov 26, 2011 Climategate, IPCC, CRU, CCSP, NRC, Roger Pielke, Ben Santer, Rep. Waxman, Rep. Markey, John Brignell, Roy Spencer, Tim Ball, global warming, climate change, Ross McKitrick, SEPP, climate science, Kyoto
Nov 19, 2011 IPCC, AR4, Pachauri, Santer, BEST, Durban, NIPCC, Chu, Moores Law, Hansen, Zbigniew Jaworowski, solar energy, wind power,
Nov 12, 2011 Keystone pipeline, Climategate, climate sensitivity, BEST, global temperatures, IEA, NIPCC, PEW, US Climate Action Partnership, USCAP, global warming, climate change, Penn State
Nov 5, 2011 BEST, Richard Muller, temperature trends, IPCC, Judith Curry, Trenberth, Motl, Larry Bell, hypothesis testing
Oct 29, 2011 Climate change, global warming, BEST, Richard Muller, Fred Singer, William Gray, IPCC, Laframboise, WWF, Greenpeace, Easterbrook, AR4, renewable power, Nature
Oct 15, 2011 James Hansen, IPCC, advocacy science, Judith Curry, EPA, endangerment finding, National Research Council, USGCRP, Spencer, Dessler, solar power, wind power, clouds, ozone hole, drilling rigs
Oct 8, 2011 EPA, endangerment finding, shale oil, shale gas, wind power, solar energy, stimulus bill, IPCC, keystone pipeline, Climategate, climate skeptics
Oct 1, 2011 EPA, endangerment finding, OIG, energy subsidies, data quality act, CERN, neutrinos, shale gas, malaria, Finland, Department of Energy, green energy, Singer, McKitrick
Sep 24, 2011 climate science, Arctic sea ice, Greenland, climate treaty, EPA, alternative energy, Spencer, linear no-threshold model, shale gas, missing heat, European green
Sep 17, 2011 APS, Giaever, Christy, Spencer, solar, cosmic ray, oil drilling in gulf, Gulf of Mexico, BP, EPA, surface-air data
Sep 10, 2011 CLOUD, CERN, asthma, clean air, sulfur, nitrogen oxides, EPA, ozone, health benefits, climate sensitivity, climate models, Spencer, solar firms, energy, ocean heat, Texas drought, sea level, Fred Singer
Sep 3, 2011 NIPCC, Climate Change Reconsidered, IPCC, ar4, Climategate, global temperatures, Svensmark, CLOUD, CERN, Spencer, green jobs, Exxon, EPA
Aug 27, 2011 Fred Singer, IPCC, CLOUD, CERN, EPA. Svensmark, cosmic rays, earthquake, AR4,
Aug 20, 2011 Lindzen, Choi, Spencer, Climate Science, IPCC, ocean warming, Rick Perry, green jobs, green energy, EPA, shale gas, NOAA, Exxon, Katrina
Aug 13, 2011 Fred Singer, IPCC, NIPCC, polar bears, energy policy, EPA, coal plants, energy policy, natural gas, biofuels, coal
Aug 6, 2011 EPA, asthma, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, white males, mileage standards, NOAA, Lisa Jackson, surface temperatures, pipeline spills, Gulf oil spill, deep water drilling, exporting jobs, Michael Mann
Jul 30, 2011 Nature magazine, ICCC, mileage standards, EPA, clean air act, fracking, Michael Mann, nature trick, Heartland Institute, Spencer
Jul 23, 2011 solar, cosmic rays, climate sensitivity, regional climate models, prosperity, natural gas, wind power, Australia, heat wave
Jul 16, 2011 IPCC, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, EPA, acid rain, premature deaths, asthma, acid rain, acid waters, ocean acidification, Ian Plimer, Hal Lewis, food crisis, green economy, CO2, climate science, climate models, experts, pollutants
Jul 9, 2011 EPA, premature deaths, wind power, alternative energy, electric cars, greenhouse gases, pollutants, global warming, NIPCC, IPCC, keystone pipeline, UN
Jul 2, 2011 ICCC, Heartland, AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Roy Spencer, climate change, global warming, Bob Carter, NIPCC, IPCC, climate change, NOAA, New York Times, natural gas
Jun 25, 2011 global warming, climate change, EPA, climategate, Supreme Court, sea level, climate change funding, climate change initiative, clean energy, flooding, extreme weather, GAO, Oreskes
Jun 18, 2011 ICCC, Bill Gray AMS, MOC, AAS, Svensmark, solar activity, cosmic rays, IPCC, Greenpeace, Pachauri, UNFCCC, EPA, sun spots, global warming
Jun 11, 2011 Climategate, Proceedings, National Academy of Sciences IPCC models, famine, Copenhagen Accord, grain production, principle of exclusion, Keystone XL, tar sands, Venezuela crude, NRDC, energy policy
Jun 4, 2011 The Critical Decade, Climate Commission, scientific audit, Germany nuclear power, Keystone pipeline, EPA, emissions, greenhouse gas, Greenland settlements, Kyoto Protocol, Defense Review, communicator of the year
May 28, 2011 EPA, endangerment rule, ER, litigation, carbon dioxide, GHG, extreme weather, hurricanes, global warming, Mississippi floods, NOAA, IPCC
May 21, 2011 EPA, endangerment rule, endangerment finding, modern empirical science, National Research Council, Americas Climate Choices, Solar influences, Cosmic rays on climate, Mississippi flood, BPA
May 14, 2011 crop production, wheat production, corn production Greenland ice melt, sea level rise, Arctic temperatures, temperature feedback, renewable energy,
Apr 30, 2011 Heartland conference, oil policy, ExxonMobil profits, tax subsidies, EPA, Shell Oil, alternative energy subsidies, Annual Energy Outlook, tornadoes, La NiƱa, Chernobyl, research funding
Apr 23, 2011 environmentalism, religion, surrogate religion, EPA, Gulf oil spill, dead animals, gas prices, IPCC, static climate, climate change, sustainability, China green energy, the carbon tax
Apr 16, 2011 EPA endangerment finding, greenhouse gases threaten public health, Wilderness Areas, wild lands, Endangered Species, National Climate Service, wind power,
Apr 9, 2011 Heartland Conference, EPA, Richard Muller, BEST, Clean Air Act, carbon dioxide regulation, natural gas, misleading language, Kyoto
Apr 2, 2011 Obama Energy Plan, US oil reserves, EPA, endangerment finding, BEST project, sea level, nuclear power, Fred Singer
Mar 26, 2011 Japan nuclear power, Fukushima nuclear plant, China nuclear power, nuclear power, EPA, mercury, BP oil spill, new nuclear reactors
Mar 19, 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant, cooling pools, Fukushima reactors, Generation III reactors, lessons from Fukushima, Bob Carter, Cuccinelli, Climategate
Mar 12, 2011 Economic Report of the President, solar power, wind power, House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, NASA-GISS, EPA, premature deaths, Kyoto, benefits of carbon dioxide, energy crisis, Climategate
Mar 5, 2011 Social Cost of Carbon, SCC, Economic Report of the President, EPA, energy security, clean air act amendments, UN and Hollywood, Australia cap and trade, CO2 tax
Feb 26, 2011 House budget, EPA, John Holdren, Roy Spencer, alternative energy industry, political favoritism, spent nuclear fuel, climate change, nuclear power.
Feb 19, 2011 Benefits of CO2, EPA, APHA, wheat production, IPCC, extreme flooding, natural disasters, drilling policy, disaster preparedness, limiting EPA power
Feb 12, 2011 EPA, APHA, Congressional testimony, Clean Air Act, Indur Goklany, Roy Spencer, Bob Carter, SEPP, public nuisance, Steven Welcenbach, ACS, extreme weather
Feb 8, 2011 TWTW Supplement, US House of Representatives, US Senate, science addressing climate change, evidence, global warming
Feb 5, 2011 Climate change deniers, climate scientists, climate alarmists, IPCC, NIPCC, Greenland, China carbon emissions, falling temperatures, extreme weather
Jan 29, 2011 President Obama, regulations, EPA, Carol Browner, hottest year, temperature measurements, India climate science, offshore wind power, Oreskes, Conway, Fred Singer
Jan 15, 2011 BP Oil Spill, Climategate, Australia floods, extreme weather, hottest year, December 2010, EPA, polar bears, green energy
Jan 8, 2011 cold winter, British MET, Cuccinelli, EPA, wind power, clean energy, sustainable energy
Jan 1, 2011 EPA, carbon dioxide, endangerment finding, public health and welfare, FERC, extreme cold, uncertainty in climate models, global warming
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