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Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Oct 14, 2017 Abbott, grid, harm, good, green ideology, California, duck, Obama power plan, pollutants, endangerment finding, coal, wind shear, hurricanes, $160 billion in losses 
Oct 7, 2017 LIGO, NSF, McNutt, Davidson, AGU, science, empirical bureaucratic, bias, CLOUD, CERN, Kiehl, Trenberth, flexibility, 87 seconds, black system, FERC 
Sep 23, 2017 Miller, concession, ploy, Spencer, Korean Meteorological Society, free scientific inquiry, censorship, Ehrlich, ocean cycles, Livermore, endangerment finding, Russian model, natural climate change, offshore wind, Andrews, hurricane waltz, cyclone tracks, sea level rise, Tampa Bay, 99.998%, AEMO. Hayden, stability 
Sep 16, 2017 Singer, cooling period, major, orbital, minor, solar, CO2, saturation, Charney report, no data, adjusting temperatures, satellite, lower troposphere, surface-air, sea surface, ocean oscillations, ENSO, AMO, PDO, Irma, false alarms, Jose, energy follies, dispatchable electricity, reasonable prices, number ??? 
Sep 9, 2017 Irma, resilience, hurricanes, ACE, Curry, Bastardi, prediction, history, forecasts, danger, climate chorus, Paris agreement, energy flows, Kininmonth, sea levels, Scotland, threat multiplier, energy, CAFÉ, 515 years 
Sep 2, 2017 Houston, resilience, rainfall, statistics, Homewood, weather events, severe, Spencer, 1935 flood, soils, stormwater management, water temperatures, Mass, model forecasts, Curry, hurricanes, social benefits, nutrition, 4326 days 
Aug 26, 2017 Lamb, climate history, China, ENSO, AMO, ANN, Harvey, sea levels, GRACE, Norfolk, Miami California, CO2 fallen, Andrews, red team, blue team, Oreskes, one million Hiroshima bombs 
Aug 19, 2017 Okefenokee, blackwater, pH, Antarctic rift, bigger wind, Munich RE, Figures, April Fools, $4 Trillion, renewable power 
Aug 5, 2017 UAH, sea surface, Andrews, dont adjust, James, evidence, Swift, rubber numbers, Gray, projectors, semi-science, adapting, alternative electricity, lithium, RFS, 4300 days, hurricanes 
Jul 29, 2017 Data quality, surface, Andrews, SAT, adjustments, GISS, homogeneity, credibility, NOAA, endangerment finding, wind, parasitic, grid, wheres the quid, Russia, developing countries, Paris, exports, sea levels, renewable fuel, fad, diesel, ocean carbonization, Hansen, 89-535 trillion USD, Eemian 
Jul 22, 2017 Dogmatism, toxicology, linear no-dose threshold, LNT, Calabrese, EPA, Watergate II, sea level rise, IPCC, datasets calibrated, Mann, NCEI, GISS, cryosphere, GRACE, mountain glaciers, ocean expansion, polar ice caps, DMI, sun, bias, 2 billion, gamble 
Jul 15, 2017 RSS, UAH, models, data, G-20, Paris, Turkey, plant growth, CO2, N, P, wind power, integrating, Denmark, surplus, political games, greenhouse gases, NOAA, annihilation, 96%, 1750 
Jul 8, 2017 Spencer, RSS, surface data, Wallace, red team, blue team, executive actions, Paris, economic return on energy investment, US, employment created, offshore wind, Denmark, Venus, Canary Islands, 39%, seismic tremors 
Jul 1, 2017 Feynman, scientific integrity, Climategate 2017, Christy, Santer, Mears, RSS, Wentz, balloon data, verification, CO2 emissions, ocean carbonization, benefits, red team/blue team, US energy, oil and gas, Trump, mission 2020, Figueres, one trillion, Kemper power plant, CCS, viable, load factor, Hughes, incentives, Bezdek, 27.5 
Jun 24, 2017 Upheaval, Paris, AMS, Santer, Mears, RSS, Hausfather, endangerment finding, MacCracken, Climate Institute, Manichean, solar, wind, 148,500,000,000,000 molecules 
Jun 17, 2017 Mearns, Vostok, CO2, temperatures, methane, energy subsidies, Bezdek, inferior, petrochemical, jobs, investment, 14,218 years, Feynman 
Jun 10, 2017 Rule of law, genius, Pruitt, Paris agreement, symbolism, hidden costs, mission innovation, innovation, government mandate, EPA, science integrity, climate change, cultures, China, 92,000 
Jun 3, 2017 Happer, witches, WWI, Paris, Trump, sovereignty, economic growth, natural resources, UN, green climate fund, World Bank, carbon taxes, Stern, 95,894 pages, Federal Register 
May 27, 2017 G-7, stagnation, electricity costs, reliable, Paris agreement, UNFCCC, tar pit, UNEP, physical evidence, Horner, Dears, Clexit, deep state, EPA, science integrity, peak oil demand, pumped storage, 1927 
May 13, 2017 UAH Data, biases, rigorous, procedures, cause, Antarctic melting, GRACE, trimline, Ellsworth Mountains, Trumps dilemma, Paris agreement, UN, IPCC, Constitution, coral reefs, bleaching, Eniwetok Atoll, UK energy caps, renewable policies, back-up, storage, scope, game changers, Mills, subsidy saturation, 100 times faster 
May 6, 2017 Lindzen, hard center, magic, Paris agreement, Wallace, model, explanatory variables, policy, physical limits, efficiency, process, Mills, IT, grid storage, Australia grid, 79 to 1, coal 
Apr 29, 2017 Christy, testimony, Charney, hypothesis, fails, AR-5, weak influence, WCD, initial conditions, processes, EPA, endangerment finding, multicollinearity, simultaneity, Paris, march, 0.6% solar, 1.9% wind, US energy consumption 
Apr 22, 2017 Einstein, head, feet, joint petition, CEI, theory, Charney, models, hot-spot, WSJ, Carlin, hollow science, humanity, poverty, amplification, physical evidence, DDT, a leader, table, correction, TRCS, Monckton, TCS, ECS, red team, Challenger, famine, Pentagon, 3 times, Europe with subsidies 
Apr 15, 2017 RCST, bounding, Doiron, 1.8, Kiehl-Trenberth, futile, Moncton, 1.9, feedback, latent energy flow, hotspot, two polar vortexes, troposphere, stratosphere, normal, dogma, science teachers, free-market economics, $50 to 55, 2005 Energy Policy Act, stimulus bill 
Apr 8, 2017 TRCS, Doiron, upper bound, TCS, fat tails, tall tales, Singer, 20th century warming, house science committee, Curry, Pielke, Ball, 1942, CDC, malaria 
Apr 1, 2017 Science, dogma, Charney, House Science Committee, Christy, evidence, statistical significance, politicized, Mann, Cook, NOAA Ashville, denier, hockey-stick, remaining issues, CO2 influence, El Niños, ICCC-12, 20% per year, shale oil productivity. 
Mar 18, 2017 Measurement, false precision, ASOS, 2F, dogma, 11%, El Nino, frequency, severity, Kiehl-Trenberth model, energy budget, latent energy, Charney, 37 years, IPCC, Ollila, US atmosphere, tropics, over-estimate, peak oil, 7500000 tonnes, 8250000 tons 
Mar 11, 2017 Lindzen, climate establishment, IPCC, storylines, climate models, Curry, Kiehl-Trenberth, Kininmonth, oil price, price competition, natural gas, markets, re-gasification, 66, electric balancing authorities 
Mar 4, 2017 Curry, models, laws, approximations, educated guesses, tuned, data, policy, sea levels, CO-OPS, exaggeration, UK electricity, up 22% 
Feb 25, 2017 Global climate models, Curry, verification, validation, use, NIPCC, Christy, Wallace, credibility, VX, EPA, sea levels, European energy, California floods, hot spot, 72% 
Feb 18, 2017 Wysmuller, sea level, tidal gages, satellites, internal error, land, weather, Southeast Asia, rights and powers, transparency, EPA, NIPCC, salt, California rains, weather, climate models, 27 million, vehicles 
Feb 11, 2017 Bates, data integrity, sea-surface, surface-air, NOAA, GISS, climate denial, realistic expectations, carbon tax, systems, grid, Australia, California water, Okefenokee, pH, 5 black-outs 
Feb 4, 2017 Systematic error, WUWT, Ball, exceeding measurement, processes, runs, initial conditions, NCAR, unstable, bias, TWTW, cause, models, political stability, $23.7 billion 
Jan 28, 2017 Whitehouse, Grijalva, Haapala, evidence, SEPP, conventional thinking, Russell, hurricanes, UNFCCC, Andrews, 40% 
Jan 21, 2017 False precision, surface, hottest year, compliant, sea level rise, Wysmuller, CO2, SCC, tidal lagoons, ASOS, plus or minus 1.8 
Jan 7, 2017 UAH, temperature, atmosphere, oceans, gradient, climate variability selection, human origins, sea surface data, Karl, pause, acidification, corals, microbes, BP, Curry, 0.1ºC 
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