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Apr 12, 2014 NIPCC, briefings, salary, temperature, models, satellite, policies, government funding, no improvement, gilded cage, Idso, benefits, plant characteristics, stress, future impact, food production, industrial revolution, empirical data, terrestrial animals, aquatic life, productivity, benefit to humanity, IPCC, Svensmark, cosmic rays, propaganda, climate control, schools, energy security, weather forecasting, 
Apr 5, 2014 NIPCC, Bast, IBD, CAGW, shifting, IPCC, adaption, political interest, threats, models, over-estimating, balance, climate mitigation, Rapp, risk, game theory, excesses, Gore, false dichotomy, null, Occams Razor, Carter, Dyson, proxy data, red noise, tax credit, well life, shale 
Mar 29, 2014 NIPCC, IPCC, difference, failure, gas exports, opposition, costs, Obama, keystone, contributions, Alaska, ANWR, Japan, coal, clean water act, endangered species act, McIntyre, Lewandowsky, green revolution, jobs, revenue, growth, oil, gas 
Mar 22, 2014 AAAS, climate report, Spencer, food production, famine, sensitivity, species extinction, hydro, back-up, natural gas export, energy independence, wind subsidies, certainty, predictability, reliability, Hedegaard, EU, carbon risk, Exxon 
Mar 15, 2014 Lewis, Crok, climate sensitivity, transient, equilibrium, aerosols, Shindell, push-back, cherry-picking, solar irradiance, tipping point, green policies, shale, high tech, $7,140,000 per hour, Senate, climate variability, Hansen, water-vapor, rail, Taylor, malaria 
Mar 8, 2014 IPCC, the right climate stuff, TRCS, Apollo, Lewis, Crok, GWPF, Michaels, Shaviv, 35 years, 2100, 1ยบ, HadCRU4, social cost of carbon, scc, government policy, upper bound, Arctic ice, uncertainty, APS, Curry, extreme weather, Pielke, Buffett, anti-growth, defense review, un-validated models, grid experiment, Germany, wind power, 17%, solar, 11% 
Mar 1, 2014 EPA, endangerment finding, Supreme Court, Federalist Society, PSF, GHG, co2, separate standards, 4 million, jobs, NAS, RS, NIPCC, acid waters, Santer, Solomon, Schmidt, ENSO, 20 years, coincidence, Kaku, SCC, agriculture, benefits, CCS, CRS, Mann, McIntyre, Lewin, levelized costs, EIA 
Feb 22, 2014 APS, climate models, limits, Lamb, IPCC, 1990, circumpolar, vortex, temperature gradient, Ivanpah, Spain, solar, subsidies, Kerry, McNider, Christy, Spencer, fascism, authoritarian control, EU, poll, economic issues 
Feb 15, 2014 UK flooding, extreme weather, global warming, climate change, human emissions, greenhouse gases, Homewood, Met Office, forecast, drought, California, irrigation, green politicians, Obama, Katrina, exits, IPCC, AR5, SPM, natural influence, PDO, AMO, ENSO, Olympics, magical theories, cost of carbon, OMB, Spencer, Eagle Ford, climate resilience 
Feb 8, 2014 keystone, cmip, 90, models, IPCC, new generation, un-science, ar5, DOE, Spencer, 95%, tropical buoys, satellites, failure, plateau, fall, rise, predictions, unsuitable, hot spot, public, science, climate change, Hulme, political, white house, trespass, private rights, tortoise 
Feb 1, 2014 Lindzen, 4%, Obama, State of Union, EPA, social cost of carbon, ccs, oil, gas, ccs, carbon capture, coal-fired, gas-fired, power plants, electricity costs, US, Europe, solar power, interagency working group, benefits, CO2, buoys, science magazine, dispatchable, Briffa, hockey-stick, climategate 
Jan 25, 2014 State of the Union, Obama, weather, cold, EU retreat, temperature, datasets, integrity, Spencer, global warming signal, USHCN, PDO, index, Easterbrook, Curry, public, sophisticated, fingerprint, Santer, scc, cannabis, California, chemical phobia, water, Brignell, Ball 
Jan 18, 2014 nature, consensus, tropical, Pacific, trade winds, sun, volcanoes, aerosols, China, certainty, Solomon, ar5, HadCRUT, temperatures, no trend, Curry, anti-science, vortex, gas power plants, wind power, high cost, low value, energy policy, benign neglect 
Jan 11, 2014 API, letter, talking points, trap, sensitivity, sea ice, vortex, Holdren, Rossby waves, money, Met office, natural influence, human influence, turbine life, NREL, DOE, rare earths, IPCC, weakened case, uncertainties, models, Antarctic, original data, wind 
Jan 4, 2014 US, energy, smart drilling, LNG, export, unscience, non-science, IPCC, models, positive feedback, co2, logic, Lindzen, China, solar, pv, panels, bio-navy, climate comedy, polar exploration, NESIS, snowstorms, EPA, politicized science 
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