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Date of TWTWKey Topics in this TWTW
May 21, 2016 Feynman, guess, nature, observation, experiment, experience, Charney, Christy, modeling, dominates, OA, Browman, ICES, mechanisms, calcification, biological impacts, NIPCC, genetically engineered, gmo, methane, epa, oral arguments, 600 
May 14, 2016 Russian, climate model, 32 models, 102 simulations, ensemble, INM, Bates, tropics, extratropics, Evans, feedback, notch filters, cloud cover, methane, EPA, Carlin, listeners, SCC, Minnesota, climate sensitivity, RICO-20, conspiracy, civil rights, 48% 
May 7, 2016 Christy, testimony, observations, models, McIntyre, Curry, certainty, uncertainty, IPCC, forecasts, average, Motl, systematic error, Feynman, emperors nose, witch-hunt, SEPP, Lindzen, Greenpeace, liberal-progressives, solid science, Greenland, EIA, 67%, households, subpoena 
Apr 30, 2016 Lindzen, climate science, types, surface measurements, UAH, Christy, McNider, Cook, Oreskes, Paris agreement, de-carbonize electricity, transport, cooling, heating, medical, solar, disruptive, progressive-liberal, progressivism, Cuomo, CEI, green earth, NASA, benefits, haze, EPA, Okefenokee, 70%, scientific regress 
Apr 23, 2016 Lindzen, three groups, agreement, predictions, noise, climate profiteers, skeptical, national security, petroleum, Scales, Epstein, Kerry, letter, $500,000,000, UNFCCC, Palestine, mother earth day, Gray, Essex, $315 Billion, foreign exchange reserves 
Apr 16, 2016 Freedom from Fear, progressives, Obama, health, White House, investigate, prosecute, suppression, CEI, civil rights, US Code, limited, AGU, modeling, McKitrick, Heritage, 13%, consumption, national security green fleet 
Apr 2, 2016 Cooling, Page, Paris Agreement, State Department, credibility, March temperatures, conformity, EU, sub-prime lending, blame, fads, Buffett, compatibility, science and religion, sea levels, CO2, too dogmatic, # 1 
Mar 26, 2016 Evidence, EF, hot spot, AR-2, un-validated models. human influence, El Nino, paucity, climate data, models, observations, legal proceedings, racketeering, RICO, grand inquisitor, Whitehouse, retaliation, AMS, poll, sea level rise, Hansen, co2 levels, D-O events, 51%, 41 times 
Mar 19, 2016 Witch hunt, Maibach, RICO-20, rigor, science society, Federal funding, Charney, models, verifying, atmospheric, Antarctic, brief, Canary Islands, abrupt climate change, D-O events, natural variation, $500,000,000, Green Climate Fund, State Department 
Mar 12, 2016 Precision, Russell, ideologue, false precision, Sheahen, gravitational waves, classical mechanics, models, predict, global warming, sea level rise, imprecision, unreliable, expensive, Canary Island, levelized costs, Europe, discernible human influence, global climate, 16, 45, and 63 times, natural gas 
Mar 5, 2016 Atmospheric data, reanalysis, RSS, UAH, orbital decay, NOAA-14, discredited, Charney, range, El Nino, funding, overturning, location, 1997-98, RICO, energy security, Canary Islands, pumped storage, reliability, stay, Buffett, 19.2% 
Feb 27, 2016 Power plan, administration, scientists, West Virginia, Texas, stay, lines of evidence, hot spot, record setting, climate models, modern civilization, separation of powers, Constitutional law, Scalia, time-series forecasting, physical models, pause, consensus, sea level rise, 169, sustainable development goals 
Feb 13, 2016 Supreme Court, stay, power plan, executive orders, MATS, MACT, mercury, cap-and-trade, Paris agreement, COP-21, funding, natural variation, atmosphere, warming, China, 97%, CSIRO, Reanalysis and Attribution, predictive skill, poor, models 
Feb 6, 2016 Feynman, its wrong, hypothesis testing, experiment, Christy, CIMP-5, models, Yale Climate Connections, Mears, RSS, satellites, microwave radiation, orbital decay, diurnal drift, starting point, linear approach, only one, Russian, Paris, treaty, no treaty, 2.5, 3, methane 
Jan 30, 2016 Himalayan, glaciers, Raina, Ollier, mass balance, Tibet Plateau, rivers, monsoons, endangerment finding, UK, electricity, 2025, climate change act, 2008, gap, administration, Mann, nature trick, probability of warming, assumptions, genetic fallacy, carbon tax, cherry picking 
Jan 23, 2016 Bob Carter, McIntyre, hottest year, weather event, climate trend, El Niño, La Niña, NOAA, atmospheric temperatures, lower, mid-troposphere, 3rd warmest, datasets, NASA-GISS, UAH, selective ignorance, people live, Challenger expedition, ocean heat content, peak oil, electricity, Africa, Pavillion 
Jan 16, 2016 Energy plan, big green, reliable electricity, CO2 emissions, social cost of carbon, natural processes, USGCRP, 35 years, Charney report, unreliable electricity, Germany, oil imports, 60%, production, 88%, economic growth, NOAA, Karl, DAleo, Keystone, 0.66% 
Jan 9, 2016 Savage controversies, Paris agreement, Lewis, Byrd-Hagel, USGCRP, IPCC, state department, UNFCCC, 13 entities, natural processes, climate change, human cause, social science, climate science, Munich RE, natural disasters, administration, alarmist, two floods, Cumbria, Mississippi, one billion 
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