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Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 31, 2022 Stefan-Boltzmann Law, planetary heat balance, false attribution, PAGES 2K, false precision, Spencer, closure problem, Essex, cooling, Gallagher, natural causes, Steele, not science, Happer, Lindzen, air-surface, Watts, water vapor, volcanoes, plasticity, 3-D problem, Lindzen, ring of fire, Yim, 0.13C/decade
Dec 24, 2022 No TWTW this week.
TWTW will resume on New Year’s weekend with the Best of 2022.
Dec 17, 2022 Limitations, Koonin, Livermore Labs, carbon taxes, ExxonMobil, DOE, Menton, Curry, risk, two times overbuild
Dec 10, 2022 Seitz, Essex, Heartland, Menton, NREL, Mass, boundary values, Bosse, Schmidt, Transient Climate Response (TCR), atmospheric window, McKitrick, parliamentary budget office, +0.13 C/decade
Dec 3, 2022 Natura philosophy, judge, NIPCC, IPWP, Whitehouse, Young, computational fluid dynamics, Menton, storage, Mass, sea level, 1%, solar
Nov 26, 2022 Le Chatelier’s Principle, COP-27, cold reason, IPCC, stagnation, forty years, Spencer, urban heat island, tipping points, Mass, Australia, UN, functional illiteracy, $1.1 billion, Diablo Canyon
Nov 19, 2022 Callendar, Happer, Real Clear Energy, COP 27, forty years research, IPCC, Hayden, Brill, Lomborg, 0.003°C per year
Nov 12, 2022 COP 27, Hayden, Stefan-Boltzmann, nitrous oxide, Happer, Las Vegas, Spencer, Curry, children, Marohasy, films, nanograms, California
Nov 5, 2022 Happer and Lindzen, Amicus Curiae, submarine volcano, water vapor, stratosphere, reducing CO2, Idso, the Lancet, $1.3 Trillion
Oct 29, 2022 Professor Yim, volcanoes, submarine, blob, Hayden, IPCC, basic science, Steele, EPA, litigation, plasticity, $3.8 Trillion
Oct 22, 2022 Ignorance, Feynman, Spencer, 50 years, CMIP-6 models, Alexander, Chinese whispers, hockey-stick, Curry, Tim Palmer, McKitrick 36.5%
Oct 15, 2022 Spectrometry, spectroscopy, W & H, science journals, Soon, planning engineer, UNFCCC, national security, Midwest, 5.8%
Oct 8, 2022 Spectroscopy, Sheahen, GWP, W & H, Europe, fossil fuels, Toomey, wind and solar, planning engineer
Oct 1, 2022 Tim Ball, Rupert’s Land, climate change, Manheimer, Sheahen, hurricanes, Ian, mineral cliff, 14
Sep 24, 2022 Aerosols, Whitehouse, 1-D solution, Lindzen, Stefan-Boltzmann, Hayden, doomsday glacier, Koonin, critical thinking, Brill, deal, Manchin, integrity, AGs, three times
Sep 17, 2022 Van Wijngaarden, clouds, spectroscopy, Kininmonth, ocean currents, Idso, carbon taxes, COP-27, economic thinking, Oxford, wildfire, Pacific northwest, less than 0.2C
Sep 10, 2022 Soon, Ad Hominem, Asian monsoon, Steele, wind and solar, delusion, Mills, mineral extraction, energy realism, blackouts, California, IPCC, 26,694 & 7,821 megawatts
Sep 3, 2022 Legates, drying rivers, Colorado River, ITCZ, Pakistan, Horn of Africa, great California flood, zombie ice, Greenland, nuclear problems, LNT model, natural plasticity, West Virginia v. EPA, semi-fascism, 21 billion tons
Aug 27, 2022 Soon, Smil, Lindzen, infrared window, sun, hole in the blanket, sustainable, green wall, $250,000 per year, down 16%, up 53%.
Aug 20, 2022 Omission, NSF, NCAR, UAH, HITRAN, state Attorneys General, Exxon Knew, Great Barrier Reef, mangrove swamps, levelized cost of electricity, LCOE, Schumer-Manchin deal, Capito, 166,000
Aug 6, 2022 Watts, surface stations, Steele, ocean warming, Stefan-Boltzmann, continuous, evidence, fictions, Emanuel, stagflation, Great Barrier Reef, volcano, stratospheric water vapor, 3.7 W/m2
Jul 30, 2022 Watts, surface stations, NOAA, NCDC, NWS, USHCN, GHCN, chips, inflation, Menton, storage, net zero, 1500 years, D-O
Jul 23, 2022 West Virginia v. EPA, Green New Deal, economic systems, heat wave, Lomborg, CO2 concentration model, Spencer, AMS, mixing data sources, Landsat, 50 years
Jul 16, 2022 Michaels, USGCRP, strategic plan, Kagan, Happer, Lindzen, Louisiana, HITRAN, infrared, Steele, Attenborough, green policies, fertilizer, Andes, white colonialization, 58%
Jul 9, 2022 Kagan, administrative law, USGCRP, the whole truth, Johnson, Biden, EPA, spite, Menton, maxed out, combine-harvester, electric vehicles, 85% more
Jul 2, 2022 West Virginia v. EPA, Happer, Tribe, clean power plan, Kagan, Lindzen, worldwide emissions, separation of powers, pen and phone, laws not of men, honest, competent, green wall, down 80%, up 50%
Jun 25, 2022 Happer, Lindzen, SEC, IPCC, political, evidence, due diligence, could be, cost, COP26, Saudi Arabia, Biden, 70%, 40%
Jun 18, 2022 SEPP, SEC, scientific method, greenhouse effect, history, all data, stagnation, better way, realistic results, Hayden, solar influences, Oman, NIPCC, blackouts, Christy, adjustments, Boudreaux, $50 to $88 per barrel
Jun 11, 2022 Steele, clouds, climate models, usefulness, Whitehouse, misinformation, public health issue, CEI, climate risks, SEC, $100 million, green lobby
Jun 4, 2022 Robson, TSI, Connolly, IPCC, Hayden, benefits of greenhouse gases, McKitrick, biases, clouds, Jonas, Kautoyiannis, Royal Society A, causality, World Energy Council, consumer-driven, minus 2F, minus 19C
May 28, 2022 Steele, landscape changes, moisture, WMO, weather stations, UHI, NOAA, sea level rise, D’Aleo, McKitrick, TLS, biased, closure problem, NOAA, AGGI, greenhouse effect, minuscule effect, earth’s internal heat, WEF, net-zero, dream world, 25 percent, ice coverage
May 21, 2022 World Economic Forum, WMO, UNEP, Attenborough, Steele, pressure systems, Smil, pillars, earth’s energy budget, NASA, California 85, One per 10,000
May 14, 2022 Proofs, Steele, AMO, Arctic, ITCZ, ENSO, PDO, NASA-GISS, Venus, IPCC review process, desertification, Smil, 2°F every half-hour
May 7, 2022 Steele, Rossby waves, extreme weather, World Weather Attribution, NCAR, DGB, California, solar, 47 inches
Apr 30, 2022 Paleoclimatology, earth science, Gallagher, 67 million years, oceans, storage, equatorial current, cooling, dust storms, loess, 8000 years, warming, 1.5 to 3 degrees C, Earth System Science Center, albedo, acids, volcanoes, $2.5 trillion
Apr 23, 2022 Essex, models, IPCC, deficiencies, credible, TRCS, Hayden, Spencer, Idso, benefits, closure problem, predictability, no testable theory, $10 Trillion
Apr 16, 2022 Spencer, correlation, causation, convection, Humlum, observations, Great Barrier Reef, energy arsenal of democracy.
Apr 9, 2022 AR6, IPCC, Working Group III, McKitrick, McIntyre, mitigation, limits, statistics, UK, energy, 18,000, studies
Apr 2, 2022 Models, false precision, Spencer, satellites, Hayden, planetary heat balance, Marohasy, fiddled data, sea levels, new satellite, electricity storage, Menton, New York, SEC, 63%, India.
Mar 26, 2022 Hayden, HITRAN, climate modelers, spectroscopy, two Bidens, La-La land, wind, solar, green jobs, 22.6%
Mar 19, 2022 HITRAN, van Wijngaarden, Happer Hayden, additional molecule, highly saturated, Charney Report, physical evidence, overlap, scientific method, basic climate physics, planetary heat balance, radiative forcing, Biden administration, 4.5 times
Mar 12, 2022 Van Wijngaarden, Hayden, AMO, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, greenhouse effect, significant, basic climate physics, strange times, Biden, down 10.8%
Mar 5, 2022 Ukraine, Budapest agreement, IPCC, necessary, Pielke, State of the Union, Happer, Karoly, Calabrese, LNT, Hayward, Menton, Cole, different approach, 2700 C
Feb 26, 2022 Russia, Biden, Kerry, IPCC, Christy, Pielke, Whitehouse, Marohasy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, propaganda, White House, decline effect, disaster risks, greening earth, storage, costs, 595,000 bpd
Feb 19, 2022 Hayden, planetary heat balance, total solar irradiation, reflectivity, Stefan-Boltzmann, final SPM, horrors, NOAA sea level, surface temperature data, greatest drought, benefits of CO2, White House, electricity storage, $1289/kWh
Feb 12, 2022 NCAR, modeling, WSJ, better way, Hayden, innumeracy, EPA, electricity, Europe, Secretary of Energy, Army, propaganda, Olympics, Super Bowl, 1230 GW China, 240 GW US
Feb 5, 2022 Data standards, false attribution, deficiencies in procedures, way forward, delusion, NREL, new normal, New England, gas, electricity
Jan 29, 2022 Lindzen, Nakamura, Koonin, deficiencies, climate models, Peterson, Singer, net zero, problems, modeling budgets, $60,000 per year
Jan 22, 2022 McIntyre, Pages 2k, Rapp, proxy data, Happer, greenhouse effect, Sheahen, Hayden, UK climate change risk assessment, Hughes, alternative universe, Biden, net zero, Texas, Permian Basin, 4,966,000 b/d
Jan 15, 2022 Nation Climate Assessment, solar variation, Texas Blue Nother, credibility of government, costs of solar and wind, net zero, 433 trillion
Jan 8, 2022 Understand, simply, Spencer, atmospheric temperatures, IPCC, Happer, extreme weather events, attribution, McKitrick, litigation, number one
Jan 1, 2022 McKitrick, inferential statistics, Turner, big science, politicians, after COP 26, financial institutions, climate crisis, Pielke, Lubchenco, integrity, Young, EPA, thousands
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