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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 31, 2005 COP-11-Steyn; Manic depression-Stott; Kyoto crumbles; Russia gains on emission trading; Illarionov resigns; 1500-yr climate cycles controlled by sea ice cover
Dec 24, 2005 Junk science Xmas carol; Kyoto> economics and trade; Europe won't freeze; 2005 warmest year? Quotes; Cancer link to pollution elusive; ID is not science
Dec 17, 2005 Douglass/Singer-AGU 2005 (Data vs Models); Montreal COP-11: BBC, WashPost, Jack Kemp, Natl Rev, SFS ltr to WashPost; Hameranta: Warming?
Dec 10, 2005 COP-11 in Montreal; Fox News bombs; No Big Freeze; Obit for Kyoto; Appeal for support
Nov 26, 2005 EPA over-regulates ozone; States over-reg on Hg; Dioxin in Ukraine; Kyoto crumbles--Blair, King--BBC; Xgiving
Nov 19, 2005 Ice age? More hockeystick; Enviro elitism; FoxNews GW flap; Wind power economics
Nov 12, 2005 Challenging IPCC Monopoly; U-turn on GW and Kyoto in UK (CCNet )
Oct 8, 2005 Kyoto-Martino; GW mitigation- Why? Carbon tax; French Academies oppose LNT; Hg in yr teeth; Dioxin not harmful; Interplanetary mitigation
Oct 1, 2005 Arctic Warming Science; Blair U-turn; Hurricanes not from GW; Taming hurricanes?; Walin letter; NZ has second thoughts; Friends of Science video; Crichton's Senate testimony
Sep 24, 2005 French view Katrina; Scientific debate; BBC-4 interview;Hockeystick-Legates; AGU Fall 2005 abstracts: Temp Disparity and Mars Oceans
Sep 17, 2005 FAQ; Blair disclaims Kyoto>; AG lawsuit thrown out;Lessons from Katrina; UN report on Chernobyl;Solar PV myths-Hayden
Sep 10, 2005 After Katrina --Green hotheads&Green guilt;Chernobyl revision; Russian floating nuclear plant; Dioxin challenge; Chemical security concern; Kyoto closes Spanish factory
Sep 3, 2005 Mercury-Ferguson; Katrina;Christian GW lobby;Peat fires; Arnold resistsenvir; EPA's Yucca radiation limits
Aug 13, 2005 Theology of GW;Sfc-atm disparity-CCSP;Americans not biggest polluters;Europe faces Kyoto costs
Aug 6, 2005 Energy imbalance&ocean heat storage;Barton flap;Chilton ltr;Biofuels inadequate;Shuttle launch endangered by PC; New Zeald may quit Kyoto--will Canada? Polar bear good news
Jul 30, 2005 Energy Bill with ethanol etc;Barton letter;Senate GW hearing;Chemistry Miscell;CARB-ozone std;NAS-LNT rpt; Mahoney resigns;Ehrlich-Kennedy found MAHB
Jul 23, 2005 G-8 reviewed; IPCC poster boy; Congress&Hockeystick; Domenici hearing; v Storch on Hockeystick; Methane policy&GW; Scottish power woes; NYT on fusion
Jul 9, 2005 G8 preview(Singer); G8 Statement, ActionPlan and Comments;Hockeystick update (McIntyre-Financial Post); House of Lords report; Pravda on Kyoto burden; New Zealand troubles with Kyoto
Jul 2, 2005 Kyoto backtracking; Russian Academy rebels;Greenhouse hypocrisy-WP;Kyoto front cracking;Hurricane hangout; WH editing GW report-Gunter;NZ forest troubles; July 4 thoughts
Jun 25, 2005 G-8 diversions;Europe,NZ will miss Kyoto;US mayors,Cal govr, some industry wobble;Senate addresses McLieberman, Bingaman, Hagel, Inhofe bills and Alexander wind bill; Court endorses EPA;Oil royalties;Seal pups
Jun 18, 2005 G-8 Africa; G8 views: No new ground;Blair to evade Kyoto; Marsh ltr to FT; Caruba-Singer to USA Today;SFS to Canada media; NZ forest mixup
Jun 11, 2005 Royal Society Statement and 4 responses; FT relies on "consensus," and response; Merkel's new energy policy
Jun 4, 2005 Consensus-NatPost; Dioxin from trash and natural;Destroy homes, save Kyoto;Weird satellite calibration scheme
May 28, 2005 Salvationism-Henderson; Models-Paltridge; Blair EU problems- Murray; EU vs US; Royal Society tries censoring; No consensus- Gunter; Oxford Union debate- McFarquhar; SPOOF- EU leaders settle climate science
May 14, 2005 No consensus-Bray-Science; Monbiot-Nature; Hockeystick-Ammann; SST-Singer;Hansen-Hosler; Solar brightening
May 7, 2005 Censorship of GW debate; "March of Unreason";MBTE problems: ALA hypes air pollution;Trib interview on GW; Letter to Mother Jones; Solar brightening; Chicken Little Award nominations
Apr 30, 2005 Exaggerated GW fears; Bellamy; EarthDay-Extreme environm; Natural gas leasing; Chernobyl facts; Asia carbon pollution; Fish adapting to temp; Canadian anti-Kyoto video; Heat storage -Bunk; Flat Earth results and history
Apr 16, 2005 Biotech fears;Polar cycles; Refinery dearth; SciAm bias; Research cartels; Wind tax breaks; Weather Channel supports GW; Response to Romm book review in T/R; Review of Mathiesen book
Apr 9, 2005 Millennium Assessmt; Threat industry; March of Unreason, Precautionary Principle at EU;CO2 tax-Duke Energy; GW in 2100 estimated; Ozone depletion vs GW; Hockeystick 'down under'
Apr 2, 2005 Carbonphobia; Book reviews by Francl and Geo Taylor; Flat Earth speech; Coalbed methane resource and problems; Blair attacked over Kyoto> -- wobbles; Bush to ratify Kyoto ??
Mar 26, 2005 Sustainable energy hoax = sustainable poverty; Race for Flat Earth Award; Royal Society goes overboard on GW; Lord Taverne restores balance; Nuclear energy for Poland; Hormesis scores, Hope for Canada
Mar 19, 2005 Crichton reviews by Miller. Karnick; Flat Earth award; Bidinotto - "Environmentalism is Dead"; Hockeystick backtracking; Energy news: fast reactor for Alaska; Hg regs; Trittin on nuclear enrgy and wind
Mar 12, 2005 Opposition to wind;Hosler on nuclear power; Bethe; Neibel on IPCC credibility;Caruba on "State of Fear";Lord May fulminates; Evangelicals wobble; Arctic ozone depleted by Sun
Mar 5, 2005 Crichton reviews by Deming, Whelan; Chemophobia; Tobacco treaty; German wind report; Detroit sues CARB;Sun-climate by Foster; Ice age put off; Interviews of Ray Evans, von Storch, Cubash
Feb 26, 2005 German GW seminar;SciAm bias;Easterbrook reports on M2M;Barnett GW claims;SFS critique; Nobels off on GW; SEPP defended against smears
Feb 19, 2005 Kyoto comes in force; Reactions in UK, Canada; Domestic US problems; Climate uncertainties; WSJ on hockeystick; Tim Barnett's ocean analysis
Feb 12, 2005 Frankenfood Myth; Faux GW consensus; German wind troubles; Connecticut foolishness; More Hockeystick breaking; Climate skeptics attacked; More polar bears and more ice
Feb 5, 2005 Blair's Exeter Conf; Intl Climate Taskforce; Modeled warming -Nature -27 Jan; House of Lords hearing; Scientific Alliance conference Apocalypse NO; C&EN problems; Joe Jacobs RIP
Jan 8, 2005 Reid Bryson - GW skeptic; Tsunamis, poverty, vultures; Arctic climate update; Chernobyl reduces cancer rate
Jan 1, 2005 Crichton book reviewed (Singer); GW bloggers; Real oil problem;CongressAction on UN; Dec 26 Tsunami
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