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Dec 26, 2015 COP-21, Homewood, shall, should, EU, UAH, earth systems center, atmospheric temperatures, 1.5C, limits of knowledge, certainty, skeptics, determinism, politicized nature, Figueres, undue influence, big green, EPA, well-sited stations, Watts, 50%
Dec 19, 2015 COP-21, models, validate, IPCC, insignificant, treaty, agreement, Big Green, Goldenberg, green climate fund, power, money, theater, COP-22, George Washington, farewell address, observations, Christy, Michaels, measurement, Watts, Horner, undue influence, 7
Dec 12, 2015 COP-21, power, money, animist religion, knowledge, climate science, fear, childhood, Congress, Cruz, hearing, Christy, Happer, Curry, Titley, increasing sea level rise, fingerprint, Steyn, evidence-based science, hypothesis, testing, funding bias, Mann, load-following, 3 times, 4 times
Dec 5, 2015 COP-21, festive, politicians, hypothesis, 95 to 99%, certainty, limitations, consensus, natural variability, NIPCC, IPCC, climate sensitivity, CO2, fossil fuels, Green Climate Fund, payments, China, India, Russia, US Senate, pollution, revolution, AR-4, Himalayas, cycle, Plus, Putin, targets, political polls, Pew, public trust, Antarctic, McIntire, Holocene, 17 years, nuclear storage
Nov 28, 2015 COP-21, UNFCCC, climate change, vague, tropics, limit, CO2, emissions, IPCC, fabricated, hot-spot, Madrid, warming, small, NIPCC, hypothesis, assumptions, Ridley, Tol, changing climate, NGO, $100 Billion, pledge, state Attorney Generals, administration, four, data sets,
Nov 21, 2015 Attribution, IPCC, extremely likely, AR3, AR4, AR5, hockey-stick, NOAA, surface temperatures, COP-21, endangerment finding, iatrogenic, APS, Evans, blimp, $16.5 Trillion, UNFCCC, INDC
Nov 14, 2015 Models, policy, overestimated, COP-21, predictability, probability, speculation, threats, simulation, benefits, Goklany, G20, subsidies, ODI, production, imaginative, accounting, MIT, Charney, divestment, 1.2ºC, fixed lapse rate, II, 2, 2.
Nov 7, 2015 TRCS, un-validated models, IPCC, attribution, observations, SCC, Apollo, pink flamingo, climate science, USGCRP, FY 2014, Karl, power plan, COP-21, upper-bound, sensitivity, assumptions, peer review, Singer, Seitz, Science, NIPCC, climate justice, India, courts, Keystone, administration, imports, national security, mercantilism, 11
Oct 31, 2015 Model, logic, predictions, missing heat, hiatus, Whitehead, Karl, PDO, pink flamingo, trends, Mr. Mann, solar, wind, untrustworthy, corn harvests, biofuels, corn belt, COP-21, Himalayan, Putin, scientists, BBC, acidification, 47%, microbes, BP
Oct 24, 2015 Bonn, COP-21, G-77, China, Paris, real, electricity, India, wind, UK, additional, EPA, endangerment, Minnesota, models, early 20th century, warming, pink flamingos, black swan, Cornwall Alliance, pope, BP, oil, price, technology, power plan, states, 26, rare earths
Oct 17, 2015 CO2, carbon dioxide, benefits, Goklany, IPCC, NIPCC, social cost of carbon, costs, neutrinos, COP-21, binding, Korea, China, ITCZ, Lamb, climate change, China, Loess plateau, lowering standards, Royal Society, surveys, courts, RICO, Curry, Whitehouse, evidence, 60%, Africa
Oct 10, 2015 Fit, Feynman, Battig, ozone, NAAQS, standards, imaginary, Shanghai, lifespan, oil, gas, efficient, combined, facilities, Sierra Club, satellite, 97%, slogan, unprecedented, South Carolina, BP, settlement, $20.8 billion, microbes, photosynthetic bacteria, hydrocarbons, Gulf, technology, leaps, miniaturization, storage, $8,938,547 per bird
Oct 3, 2015 IPCC, challenge, Manheimer, planetary emergency, certainty, witch-hunts, skepticism, computer simulation, French, mathematicians, pernicious, facts, measurements, average, CO2, Evans, UN, sustainable, ozone, EPA, weather, Blue Ridge, Grand Canyon, Kaibab, Venus, Shell, $7 Billion
Sep 26, 2015 Longhurst, surface-air, adjustments, sea surface, Evans, Pope, 19th century, free market, Stern, review, energy plan, QTR, storage, CCS, RICO 20, propaganda, 7 years, Keystone, gas prices, VW emissions
Sep 19, 2015 RICO, 97%, the 20, Oreskes, evidence, Samuelson, military, Whitehouse, Dyson, sun, endangerment finding, climate fears, finance, NIH, pope, Adam Smith, compassion, EPA, delay, CCP, fat tails, California snowpack, wildfires, tribute, 23, solar
Sep 12, 2015 Dyson, models, fudge factors, validation, Gray, predictions, projections, uncertainties, outputs, EPA, endangerment finding, Smith, failure, southern ocean, sink, blob, el nino, EIA, capacity, freshwater, 38%
Sep 5, 2015 Reality, Feynman, divergence, EPA, EF, hotspot, Singer, Santer, physical evidence, endangerment, nature trick, Mann, Arctic council, photo opportunities, propaganda, diminishing, sun, Svensmark, Soon, Russia, boreholes, Stern, NASA, sea level, 54%, yield
Aug 29, 2015 Cop-21, divergence, NOAA, NASA, surface, atmosphere, models, nature, warming trend, climate establishment, natural science, ice age, co2, Gore, logical fallacy, cause, effect, Rapp, sea levels, limits of knowledge, certainty, EPA, mines, Pebble, Alaska Venus, solar, 0.7%,
Aug 22, 2015 Power plan, administration, hydro, nuclear, industry, cop-21, research, hotspot, balancing, load, pumped-storage, Australia, Bonneville, regulations, erratic, capacity, hiatus, Trenberth, temperatures, staircase, inconsistencies, oil glut, merchants, propaganda, masses, 119%
Aug 15, 2015 Idso, benefits, carbon-free, administration, new plan, costs, underestimating, IEA, existing, unreliable, Vietnam, climate models, validation, uncertainties, Gray, Ball, 25 years, neglected sun, influences, eagle, wind power, Mann, China, desalination
Aug 8, 2015 Clean power plan, new plan, EPA, allies, majority staff, environment and public works, national resources defense council, Magicc, Carlin, Homewood, electricity costs, Europe, renewable, Vietnam, Pentagon Papers, critical thinking, ignorance, arrogance, victory, April Fools Award, Moniz, national security, $40 to $50 per barrel
Aug 1, 2015 Singer, science, McNutt, food supply, evidence, pause, global cooling, ice age, near-term, co2
Jul 25, 2015 DDP, EPA, limit power, ambitions, Carlin, OMB, playbook, policy office, review, green energy fantasy, courts, Sussman, Brookings, experts, Supreme Court, sea levels, Massachusetts, endangerment finding, Thomas, Michigan, public interest, NOAA, AMS, COP21, missing heat, Hansen, 10 feet, 236 feet, carbon tax, right climate stuff, upper bound, 0.2%, federal lands
Jul 18, 2015 Sun, Scafetta, planets, Evans, energy, heat, ocean circulation, IPCC, Antarctica, WAIS, measurements, Singer, UK, wind, subsidies, wind power, Denmark, transmission, annual report, capacities, prices, consumer bills, hasty generalization, airlines, corn, genetically modified, 0 to 132%
Jul 11, 2015 Skepticism, science, McNutt, Kennedy, administration 2 degrees, authoritarian, arbitrary, IPCC, deficiencies, 16th century, astronomy, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, observations, authority, consensus, sun, predictions, NAS, Carlin, EPA, DDT, energy costs, manufacturing, projections, AR-4, AR-5, 50 times, Giaever
Jul 4, 2015 Pope, loyal opposition, Goklany, data, pontifical academies, observations, nature, science, self-correcting, Supreme Court, MATS, Thomas, deference, agency, judicial power, secret science, Senate, Lake Chad, electricity storage, limits, 50 to 140 times
Jun 27, 2015 1.17% delayed offensive, CDC, HHS, EPA, NOAA, threat, human health, peer review, Lancet, May 2009, IPCC, AR-4, sun, natural component, CO2, human mortality, cold, warm, weather events, data, models, institutional credibility, honorable, Carlin, ideology, data, Congress, life expectancy, NASA, projections, temperature, rainfall, data, UAH, courts, protection, solar cooling
Jun 20, 2015 Ignorance, experts, encyclical, pope, science, co2, hypothesis, filth, prosperity, fossil fuels, conspicuous consumption, environmental goals, UNFCCC, population control, swamp, Ridley, financial journalists, headlines, climate science, NOAA, NCDC, Karl, EIA, real Arctic, fallacy, china development bank
Jun 13, 2015 ICCC-10, Seitz, Rep Smith, Sen Inhofe, Happer, Climateland, NIPCC, USGCRP, G-7, G-77. 71%, ethanol, solar, EIA
Jun 6, 2015 Apollo, USGCRP, food safety, nutrition, carbon dioxide, CO2, nitrogen fixation, fertilizer, humanity, NIPCC, plateau, pause, Karl, NOAA, NCDC, sea surface, warming trend, ships, buoys, Science, CATO, model, Christy, RICO, Whitehouse, SCC, Pindyck, 500%, capital improvements
May 30, 2015 IMF; $5 Trillion, climate, health, Lancet, USCRP, weather deaths, national security, weather, enemy, iris, hot spot
May 16, 2015 Scientism, Hayek, UNFCCC, USGCRP, climate, health, diseases, vector borne, malaria, CDC, journalism, financial, science, Antarctic ice, GRACE, mass, volume, area, UK election, greenhouse effect, Hertzerg, 6 years, $6 billion
May 9, 2015 Curry, points, natural, IPCC, FAR, oceans, clouds, models, resolution, funding, bias, carbon dioxide, pollution, criteria pollutants, health benefits, denialism, GMO, peak oil, integrity, Paris, climate policy, fracking, chemicals, space, 5,000%
May 2, 2015 Oil, natural gas, production, 2010-2014, uncertainty, Curry, confusion, ambiguity, overconfidence, ideology, Bayesian, Smith, administration, EPA, clean power plan, Oklahoma, executive order, UAH, temperatures, surface measurement, Vatican, poor, thermodynamics, California duck, fracking
Apr 18, 2015 Thermodynamics, law, heat, energy, electromagnetic, southwest, southeast, microwave, USGCRP, climate, health, assessment, models, valid, temperature, forecasts, speculation, knowledge, April, fools, Moniz, EIA, projections, energy outlook, coal, Asian bank, World bank, environmental policies, malaria, DDT, wind bursts, El Niño, Enron, carbonic acid, 60, polio, vaccine
Apr 11, 2015 Climate, health, EPA, asthma, air, pollution, respiratory diseases, surgeon general, USGCRP, president, greenest, June 8, PSYOPs, Bernays, propaganda, CATO, re-insurance, skeptic, Bailey, Spencer, natural, manmade, warming, acidic waters, extinction, carbonic acid, APS, Okefenokee, pH, APS, anthropogenic, 13
Apr 4, 2015 Paris, INDC, national, determined, US, climate change, qualified, agreement, consensus, Cook, deny the fact, primary issue, censorship, Koch, Smithsonian, anti-science, geology, Plimer, Vail Curves, 25 years, Spencer, Christy, arctic ice, Nature, Mann, AMOC, pauses, EPA, questions, 16.2%, fracking
Mar 28, 2015 Franklin, April Fools, intellectual freedom, censorship, American Library Association, museums, Mann, handled, AMOC, conveyor belt, JPL, stripbark, reconstruct, tall tales, fat tails, climate sensitivity, Curry, human influence, natural influence, climate, atmospheric, temperature record, UAH, hot-spot, observations, climate models, 97%, Tol, Nova, acidic waters, Moore, 6.2%, crude oil
Mar 21, 2015 Certainty, IPCC, cult, Lindzen, USCCRP, silly, natural causes, executive order, federal government, leading by example, China, non-binding, national defense. Darwall, renewable, UK, superior, inferior, politicians, EPA demands, show-down, third-way, in a nutshell, Curry, role of science, GWPF, cosmic rays, Washington post, DAleo, surface temperature, records, Cook
Mar 14, 2015 Voltaire, 1.4 billion, OFA, calling out, climate change, deniers, Obama, witch hunt, surveys, Senators, CATO, Lindzen, NASA, Cruz, Shaviv, albedo, Curry, silly, Biden, Kerry, Papp, Bonk of England, US debt.
Mar 7, 2015 Singer, credible evidence, merchants, film, Oreskes, carbon dioxide, emissions, dangerous, global warming, Conway, tobacco companies, standards, hearsay, witch hunt, Soon, Lindzen, Carter, southern company, McCarthy, climate models, validity, fear, disparity, homo genus, ice age, DAleo, private sector, forecasts, stimulus bill, stimulus drill
Feb 28, 2015 politicized science, Soon, Oreskes, Greenpeace, sun, NASA, GISS, Schmidt, evidence, Grijalva, Pielke, Holdren, Markey, Boxer, Whitehouse, disclosure, New York Times, biased, authority, federal government, monopoly, funding, climate science, climate models, trends, natural causes, IPCC, defects, witch hunt, Munich Re, pretentions, evidence-free, Essex, Clay Millennium, equations, mathematics, greenhouse effect, FACE, spencer, simple model
Feb 21, 2015 Essex, BP Energy, 2035, sea level change, NIPCC, GWPF, personal, once respected, evidence-free science, NYC, litigation, OMB, DQA, hot spot, models, NOAA, NASA, EPA, circular reasoning, asthma, Lisa Jackson, Chris Horner, renewables, John Kerry, extremism, California, drought
Feb 14, 2015 Lamb, US, national security, threat, existential, IPCC, physical science, ar, assumption, hotspot, hockey-stick, circular argument, climate stuff, human influence, natural, cru, scientific, political, data, quantitative, frightening people, Booker, giss, surface data, adjustments, global sea ice, surface data, verified, physical evidence, mwp, orbit, volcanoes, realist, asthma, 14.8%, Germany, wind power, credibility
Feb 7, 2015 US National Security, climate change, threat, carbon pollution, administration, campaign, US world leader, oil, gas, DOE, benefits, Montreal Protocol, HFC, international agreements, Munich Re, insurance risks, natural disasters, weather events. winter damage, flood events, tend down, Pielke, health, EPA, asthma, plan, problem, poverty, indoor air pollution, surveys, climate models, valid, plateau, temperatures, natural variations, non-sustainable, alternative energy
Jan 31, 2015 Keystone XL, polls, cherry-picking, NOAA, NASA, 38%, rankings, statistics, expert analysis, time-frame, 10,000 years, ignoring climate history, natural causes, manipulation of data, space-age, Pope, Gosselin, executive orders, USGCRP, national climate assessment, national security, federally funded construction, Corps of Engineers, Sandy, exaggeration, NYC, blizzard, Soon, trans-Alaska pipeline, NPRA, state
Jan 24, 2015 Davos, Summerville, Byrd-Hagel, UNFCCC, Clinton-Gore, carbon dioxide, CO2, protocol, Senate, ratification, keystone, Sanders, Inhofe, Whitehouse, climate change, tautology, Blunt, Manchin, NOAA, NASA, cherry-picking, oil and gas production, State of the Union, Ball, 10,000 years, coldest year, personal attacks, tobacco, government, accusation, evidence, planet boundaries.
Jan 17, 2015 Cruz, warming, 0.02C, NOAA, NASA, satellite, measurements, UAH, RSS, GWPF, Whitehouse, GISS, surface data, margin of error, meaningless, inferior, BEST, Curry, IPCC, legislative opportunities, policy, regional, carbon dioxide, reliable electricity, fossil fuel, climate model, Soon, errors, hot spot, oil production, ceiling, shale, cost, time
Jan 10, 2015 Federal register, satellite temperatures, UAH, models, unreliable, El Niño, congress, intense storms, ACE, von Storch, models, pause, plateau, Brignell, statistical relationship, causation, confusion, smoking, lung cancer, pesticides, Oreskes, medieval scholasticism, IPCC, hypothesis testing, experiments, observations, advocacy, windfall benefits tax, price of oil, fossil fuels, climategate, high latitude data, summer heat, little ice age, unconstitutional, methane
Jan 3, 2015 Tol, oil prices, SEPP, changes, clean power plan, pause, plateau, Singer, explanations, climate change, history, the race, UAH, education, children, administration, NOAA, regional impacts, NASA, Tribe, unconstitutional, false accusations, slander, breakthrough, emissions, coal-fired, electricity, natural gas, subsidies, mandates, 41%,
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