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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 29, 2001 Happy Holidays from SEPP
Dec 22, 2001 Endocrine Disruptors Disrupted, An Appeal for Financial Support for SEPP
Dec 15, 2001 Bin Laden and Global Warming: An Obvious Connection?
Dec 8, 2001 Effects of an Oil Supply Reduction, Protection Against Nuclear Reactor Terrorism
Dec 1, 2001 Report Summary Spins Global Warming, The Slick Politics of ANWR Oil
Nov 24, 2001 Report From COP-7 in Marrakech, Canada May Not Sign Kyoto
Nov 17, 2001 Terrorism and Nuclear Reactors, COP-7 Climate Conference in Marrakesh
Nov 10, 2001 No Cancer Risk From Small Chloroform Exposure, Real Vs. Phantom Health Risks.
Nov 3, 2001 Synchronised Spinning Just in Time for COP-7, Antarctic Ozone Hole Expected to Last Longer
Oct 27, 2001 The Skeptical Environmentalist, Scientists' Report Doesn't Support the Kyoto Treaty
Oct 20, 2001 Anthrax From Drinking Water?, Scientists Surprised to Find New Glaciers
Oct 13, 2001 OPEC Threatens Over Kyoto , SYNFUEL Subsidies Still in Force.
Oct 6, 2001 Global Warming and other Myths, Jack Kemp Has It Right
Sep 29, 2001 Greens Going Nuclear, Asian Burning Revealed, more..
Sep 22, 2001 Activist Groups Tone Down Criticisms, Opinion: Global Warming - An Economic Hypothesis…
Sep 8, 2001 10th European Skeptics Congress, Jack Kemp Has It Right, more
Sep 1, 2001 The Annual Ozone Scare, Science Article Claims Wind Energy Cheaper than Coal, more...
Aug 25, 2001 News Items About Global Warming
Aug 18, 2001 Jack Kemp Has it Right, Horner Replies to German Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, more...
Aug 11, 2001 A Rebirth For Coal?, Pictures From the Student Climate Crusade, more...
Aug 4, 2001 Reflections After Bonn, Big Oil Funds Greens, How to Explain Australia 's Position in Bonn
Jul 28, 2001 Some Quick Impressions From COP-6 in Bonn, What Was Accomplished in Bonn July 21, 2001 On Travel…
Jul 14, 2001 Our Student Climate Crusade is Off to BONN , Background on Kyoto Protocol, more…
Jul 7, 2001 Greenhouse Doubts Verboten in Niedersachsen,Germany ; NAS Study did not Prove Global Warming Theory
Jun 30, 2001 Moscow Rejects Climate Protection Treaty, Many Citations Support Global Warming Trend…
Jun 23, 2001 Kyoto : Great Benefits at Little or No Cost?, The IPCC Has a Horror Story for all Regions, more…
Jun 16, 2001 Bush Stands Firm on Kyoto , Back To the Energy Stone Age?, More..
Jun 9, 2001 The US National Name Academy Type of Sciences Issues a Distorted Report…
Jun 2, 2001 Clamoring For Kyoto: The Networks' One Sided Coverage of Global Warming, Report From Britain
May 26, 2001 Student Climate Crusade, Bush Administration's Position on Global Climate Change...
May 19, 2001 Nuclear Power's New Day, Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident, more..
May 12, 2001 Bush to Sign POPs Treaty, Sci Advisory Board Urges EPA to Release Dioxin Reassessment...
May 5, 2001 EU June Summit to Discuss Anti-US Sanctions, Reports from Britain..
Apr 28, 2001 The Dynamic Idso Duo Strikes Again, W. -- The Environmentalist? ?, Near-Earth Day, more...
Apr 21, 2001 Special Earth Day 2001 Issue, Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change, more...
Apr 14, 2001 Why is the Deep Ocean Warming?, 11th Annual "Chicken Little Award Winners Named, more...
Apr 7, 2001 Things Are Looking Up For Coal and Nuclear, More on Frogs, and more...
Mar 31, 2001 Bush Takes Stand on CO2, Is Kyoto Dead?, Much Ado About Greenhouse Effect, more...
Mar 24, 2001 Environmental Report From England, Eco-Terrorists Strike Again, Solar Sailing, Drop that Frog, more...
Mar 17, 2001 Bush Reverses Plan to Cap CO2 Emissions, Sustainable Energy Talks End in Disarray, more...
Mar 10, 2001 All bets are off this week as we face a real possibility that the Bush White House, as part of its energy policy proposal, will try to impose caps on the emission of CO2 from electric utilities.
Mar 3, 2001 U.S. Supreme Court Upholds EPA's Clean-Air Authority, BBC Accused of Manufacturing Salmon Scare,
Feb 24, 2001 On the Global Warming Front, Global Warming Wrecks Moths' Rythym, Time to Look in on our European Friends...
Feb 17, 2001 Cal Power Crisis -- Once More, Paul Krugman Lays an Egg, Nuclear Meltdown, more..
Feb 10, 2001 Op-ed Calls For Refroms at EPA, Kyoto and the Precautionary Principle, Climate and World History, more…
Feb 3, 2001 Debate on Kyoto Protocol, Cease and Desist, California Power Crisis: Part 3, more ...
Jan 27, 2001 SEPP reaction to the IPCC release, California Power Crisis: Part 2, more...
Jan 20, 2001 Asteriod Impact: The Real Threat, California Blackouts: A Preview of Kyoto
Jan 13, 2001 Possible Dioxin Benefits For Breast Cancer Research, NAS Findings May Pave Way For Mercury Emission Rules
Jan 6, 2001 State's Energy Problem Has Roots Nationwide, Senator Spence Abraham As Secretary of Energy, more..
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