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Dec 20, 2014 Lima, CO2, all-time high, binding, outline, terms, national commitments, Senate, constitution, president, China, India, west, demand, absurd, claim, evidence, rigor, science, plateau, pause, IPCC, temperatures, Morton, validate, climate models, rise, fall, knowledge incomplete, absorbing gases, natural causes, human causes, relative importance, emissions, NEPA, green jobs, production tax credit, subsidy, fracking shale, CBO, Marcellus, Cuomo, New York, stagnation, AR-4, Nobel, Solomon
Dec 13, 2014 Lima, COP-20, COP-21, Paris, UNFCCC, IPCC, Kyoto, China, US, agreement, congress, administration, CO2, electricity, delegates, EU, China, India, global climate fund, accounting, pretense of knowledge, models, public, CRS, UNFCCC, World Bank, GCF, trustee, unprecedented, drought, California, temperature record, Mann, Royal Society, experts, NIPCC, neonicotinoids, EPA, green jobs, $1 Trillion
Dec 6, 2014 Lima, game, civilization, IPCC, World Bank, EU, administration, climate establishment, poker, fund, climate change, China agreement, nature, models, oil prices, alternatives, executive powers, challenged, Tribe, EPA, climate plan, Mann, hockey-stick, temperature measurements, 826,000, electric autos, gasoline
Nov 29, 2014 Reproducible, pipelines, energy policy, UK, Germany, US, solar, wind, sources, comparable, dispatchable, weather dependency, fixed targets, control, variable cost, marginal cost, government subsidizing, solutions, efficiency, CCS, specialized, duration, existing plants, MATS, supreme court, ozone, voc, smog, health effects, CO2, duplicate, proof consistent over time, Tierra del Fuego, oil sands
Nov 22, 2014 Arctic, area, Ball, Holdren, science adviser, EU, UK, innovation, risk, greens, lame-duck, Keystone XL, Washington, Democrats, Mercantilism, benefit of trade, control trade, EPA, Google, failure, learning, heavy snow, Great Lakes, crazy winters, cold, Siberia, hottest month, time-series, splicing, Briggs, EPA comment, western civilization
Nov 15, 2014 Solar, wind, subsidies. 18.862 billion, senate, house, election, china, US, agreement, announcement, press release, actions, scientific community, Obama, successor, pretense, world leader, carbon dioxide, emissions, CO2, obligates, industrialization, competitors, green reaction, authoritarian government, executive orders, playing field, Inhofe, ivory tower, Gruber, integrity, public service, Pelosi, climate forecasts, control knob, natural cycles, Sagan, authority, Arctic methane, natural disasters, Khandekar, Kashmir, Pielke, climate change a causal factor, budget, CSA, genetic modification, moral choice, GISS, BBC guidelines, climate pledge
Nov 8, 2014 IPCC, synthesis report, NIPCC, climate sensitivity, irreversible, no warming, US elections, rigor, government-sponsored research, carbon dioxide benefits, funding, right climate stuff, models, fail to predict, verified and validated, government overreaction, EPA embarrassing, energy policy, green lobby
Nov 1, 2014 IPCC, synthesis report, 21st century warming, latter-day explanations, climate sensitivity, low-end estimates, high-end estimates, impacts, adaption, vulnerability, mitigation, climate science, EU 2030, energy poverty, Poland, 27% renewables, Climate Change Act, principles, sound energy policy, Brignell, failing wind, UK study, free wind, myth, grid, oil price, regulations, subsidies, India
Oct 18, 2014 Hypothesis test, climate sensitivity, Charney, high end, low end, too high, satellite temperature data, IPCC, AR5, Singer, CRU, Tim Ball, Lamb, natural climate change, models, measure components, lack of data, stations, no data, climate change act, energy costs, energy storage, interconnectivity, management of demand, still wind, Palm Springs, pretense of knowledge, Department of Defense, Ebola, US Fish and Wildlife, no regulations, shale, six years, BLM, 50% by 2020, Navy, tornado swarms
Oct 11, 2014 Feynman, vague, Lindzen, Kyoto, Curry, WSJ, climate sensitivity, central limit theorem. Motl, surface data, Brown, average, models, flooding, Arctic, Antarctic, sea ice, carbon tax, singer, oil prices
Oct 4, 2014 Koonin, good enough, policy, Santer, Stocker, Charney, 35 years, natural influence, human, models, overestimate, hot spot, fingerprint, Singer, coal-fired power plants, natural gas, emissions, Administration, 2050, sea level rise, local knowledge, no global projections, 2 °C, Australia, heat, data, DECC, £150 per megawatt-hour, walruses, Antarctic sea level
Sep 27, 2014 pep rally Kerry, marchers, economic benefit, Germany, California, electricity cost, authoritarian appeal, Lewis, Curry, climate sensitivity, aerosols, empirically, 0.2ºC/per decade, explanations, Koonin, 35 years, climate policy, McKitrick, salmon, Ball, Florida, sea level rise, production tax credit, 1.6 million bbl./d, rail
Sep 20, 2014 Pep rally, UN, summit, leaders, absent, peoples climate march, co2 emissions, Whelan, ASCH, hindcasts, Charney report, forecasts, Koonin, NIPCC, uncertainty, OAS, replication, American Economic Review, temperature trends, surface warming, surface warming atmospheric warming, lag, sea ice, well productivity, shale oil, gas
Sep 13, 2014 WMO, temperature trends, 15%, 23%, greenhouse effect, NOAA index, radiative forcing, climategate, acidic, 97% consensus, Montford, Cook, Greenland blocking, missing heat, 52 excuses, spencer, explaining greenhouse, Australia, bureau of meteorology, natural gas, prices, greenhouse index, no warming trend
Sep 6, 2014 Handout, photosynthesis, senate, EPW, exhale, CO2, report, update, critical thinking, EPA, administrators, government, control, sea ice, 1960s, polar vortex, Lamb, Ball, water shortage, fracturing, EROI, trivial, DOE, EU, 99.999%, un, summit
Aug 30, 2014 IPCC, desperation, synthesis, AR5, leaked, dangerous, no warming, climate establishment, circular reasoning, smoothed data, models, short-term, regional, warming trend, avoiding Congress, blind eye, courts, green jobs, capital intensive, electricity efficiency, department of energy, stimulus bill, missing emails, streams & waterbodies, iceberg, EPA, pollutants, asthma
Aug 23, 2014 Dance, IPCC, temperature trends, surface record, atmospheric warming, missing heat, HadCRUT, Chen, Tung, Atlantic, MOC, 95% certainty, cause of 20th century warming, climate sensitivity, CO2, D-O events, ENSO, methane, Michaels, 97%, luxury good, wind power, Department of Energy, Moniz, production tax credit, datasets
Aug 16, 2014 Brignell, models, observations, Holocene, Easterbrook, PNAS, inconsistency, proxy data, conundrum, physical world, Rossby waves, stationary pressure system, heat wave index, Arctic sea ice, co2 influence, logarithmic, EPA health issues, medical professionals, Congress, GAO, RIA, ozone rules, EIA, electrical generation, Mann, wind power, balloons, MATS, power plant closures
Aug 9, 2014 Richmond Times-Dispatch, new low, Ebola, speculation, yellow fever, models, verify, forecast, models, EPA, Portugal, mwp, hot spot, human fingerprint, water vapor, climate establishment, aerosols, funding, green, west Antarctic ice sheet, deaths from weather, tanks, EU, 20%, climate change, immoral
Aug 2, 2014 April Fools, Kerry, DDP, sea level, NIPCC, IPCC, West Antarctic, carbon dioxide, CO2, models, surface temperature data, controls, sensitivity, Soon, non-linear dynamics, solar influences, uncertainty, UV, magnetism, sun-like stars, Battig, sustainability, Peacock, right climate stuff team, EPA, endangerment finding, illusionary, erroneous, speculative, government funding, declining oil and gas, threat to energy security, economic advisers, DICE, pre-industry levels, little ice age, photosynthesis, WWI, mind-set, do nothing, sub-prime investments, foundations, minority staff, GAO, IRS, weather-related deaths
Jul 19, 2014 ICCC-9, Spencer, Carlin, litigation, EPA, Kogan, NIPCC v. IPCC, sources, NOAA, AMS, Christy, satellite, Munich RE, 2013, 2014, disclaimer, NYT, Santer, Kyoto, slander, carbon tax, ocean mixing, southern oceans, 100 year temperatures, data-base.
Jul 12, 2014 ICCC-9, Idso, Seitz, Soon, Moore, Aldrich, Spencer, Christy, Singer, physical science, biological impacts, Loehle, measurements, temperature record, models, Arctic, sea ice, sun, sea levels, pH, prediction, Easterbrook, NIPCC, IPCC, paradigm, Agriculture, Kuhn, control knob, vested interest, Haapala, AMS, BBC
Jul 5, 2014 Temperature tiff, consistency, zombie stations, adjustments, hottest month, statistical significance, short record, coral reefs, animals, heat, tremors, climate-smart development, population movement, southwest, population crash, cellulosic biofuels
Jun 28, 2014 Supreme Court, EPA, Utility Air Regulatory Group, endangerment finding, clean air act, 111(d), lines of evidence, NASA-GISS, risky business, BASIC, sustainable development, poverty eradication, blogs, self-correcting, irrigation, NOAA, measurement, GCM, model issues, US fossil fuel production
Jun 21, 2014 EPA, rules, existing power-plant, carbon emissions, power plants, US reduction, costs, benefits, 0.02 deg, new power-plant, China, DDT, power, scientific-sounding, Botkin, climate change, human, natural, abrupt, Mr. Mann, natural gas, proved reserves, Club of Rome
May 24, 2014 Bengtsson, forecasts, extreme weather, bias, climate sensitivity, Curry, pause, missing heat, Tol, IPCC, disband, NIPCC, NCA, rebuttal, false claims, UCS, Oxfam, military advisory board, military readiness, words, meaning, China, Russia, probability function, handout, Monterey shale, 97 percent
May 17, 2014 Menton, NSPS, SCC, IPCC, AR5, SPM, complete ignorance uncertainty, White House, climate policies, prevent, global warming, climate change, NCA, trick, natural, human, pause, overestimate, US Global Change Research Program, military threat, CNA, catalyst for conflict, sea levels, Bengtsson, dialogue, disparity, models, observations, Cook, Gleick, artificial constraints, available energy, prosperity
May 10, 2014 Churchill. $150 per gallon, Jackson, candidates, nca, National Climate Assessment, agencies, funding, sea level rise, prolepsis, Christy, Spencer, bias, models, Northwest US, Holgren, government powers, rights, litigation, EPA, deference, soot, court, ccs, asthma, El Niño, saturated fat, GAO, Navy, food security
May 3, 2014 asymmetry, Southern Hemisphere, NIPCC global warm period, synthesis, IPCC, arguments, Spencer, fossil fuel subsidies, BBC, EPA, unchained, skeptics, TAR, wind subsidies, foundations, pipeline
Apr 26, 2014 Dyson, blunders, facts, theories, climate establishment, bureaucracy, NIPCC, press, models, Whitehouse, climate researchers, years, logical fallacy, predictive power, trust, developing countries, IPCC, mitigation, categories, war, climate change, national energy security, Steyer, oil and gas employment
Apr 19, 2014 The Jackson, NIPCC, IPCC, fails, CO2, controlling, knowledge, assertions, Idso, working group 3, Germany, renewable energy, contradicted, negligible costs, costs of global warming, mandate, what we dont know, confuse the public, time lag, feedbacks, AAAS, EPA, secret science, keystone, Pennsylvania, hydraulic fracturing, post hoc probabilities, 32%, 40%
Apr 12, 2014 NIPCC, briefings, salary, temperature, models, satellite, policies, government funding, no improvement, gilded cage, Idso, benefits, plant characteristics, stress, future impact, food production, industrial revolution, empirical data, terrestrial animals, aquatic life, productivity, benefit to humanity, IPCC, Svensmark, cosmic rays, propaganda, climate control, schools, energy security, weather forecasting,
Apr 5, 2014 NIPCC, Bast, IBD, CAGW, shifting, IPCC, adaption, political interest, threats, models, over-estimating, balance, climate mitigation, Rapp, risk, game theory, excesses, Gore, false dichotomy, null, Occams Razor, Carter, Dyson, proxy data, red noise, tax credit, well life, shale
Mar 29, 2014 NIPCC, IPCC, difference, failure, gas exports, opposition, costs, Obama, keystone, contributions, Alaska, ANWR, Japan, coal, clean water act, endangered species act, McIntyre, Lewandowsky, green revolution, jobs, revenue, growth, oil, gas
Mar 22, 2014 AAAS, climate report, Spencer, food production, famine, sensitivity, species extinction, hydro, back-up, natural gas export, energy independence, wind subsidies, certainty, predictability, reliability, Hedegaard, EU, carbon risk, Exxon
Mar 15, 2014 Lewis, Crok, climate sensitivity, transient, equilibrium, aerosols, Shindell, push-back, cherry-picking, solar irradiance, tipping point, green policies, shale, high tech, $7,140,000 per hour, Senate, climate variability, Hansen, water-vapor, rail, Taylor, malaria
Mar 8, 2014 IPCC, the right climate stuff, TRCS, Apollo, Lewis, Crok, GWPF, Michaels, Shaviv, 35 years, 2100, 1º, HadCRU4, social cost of carbon, scc, government policy, upper bound, Arctic ice, uncertainty, APS, Curry, extreme weather, Pielke, Buffett, anti-growth, defense review, un-validated models, grid experiment, Germany, wind power, 17%, solar, 11%
Mar 1, 2014 EPA, endangerment finding, Supreme Court, Federalist Society, PSF, GHG, co2, separate standards, 4 million, jobs, NAS, RS, NIPCC, acid waters, Santer, Solomon, Schmidt, ENSO, 20 years, coincidence, Kaku, SCC, agriculture, benefits, CCS, CRS, Mann, McIntyre, Lewin, levelized costs, EIA
Feb 22, 2014 APS, climate models, limits, Lamb, IPCC, 1990, circumpolar, vortex, temperature gradient, Ivanpah, Spain, solar, subsidies, Kerry, McNider, Christy, Spencer, fascism, authoritarian control, EU, poll, economic issues
Feb 15, 2014 UK flooding, extreme weather, global warming, climate change, human emissions, greenhouse gases, Homewood, Met Office, forecast, drought, California, irrigation, green politicians, Obama, Katrina, exits, IPCC, AR5, SPM, natural influence, PDO, AMO, ENSO, Olympics, magical theories, cost of carbon, OMB, Spencer, Eagle Ford, climate resilience
Feb 8, 2014 keystone, cmip, 90, models, IPCC, new generation, un-science, ar5, DOE, Spencer, 95%, tropical buoys, satellites, failure, plateau, fall, rise, predictions, unsuitable, hot spot, public, science, climate change, Hulme, political, white house, trespass, private rights, tortoise
Feb 1, 2014 Lindzen, 4%, Obama, State of Union, EPA, social cost of carbon, ccs, oil, gas, ccs, carbon capture, coal-fired, gas-fired, power plants, electricity costs, US, Europe, solar power, interagency working group, benefits, CO2, buoys, science magazine, dispatchable, Briffa, hockey-stick, climategate
Jan 25, 2014 State of the Union, Obama, weather, cold, EU retreat, temperature, datasets, integrity, Spencer, global warming signal, USHCN, PDO, index, Easterbrook, Curry, public, sophisticated, fingerprint, Santer, scc, cannabis, California, chemical phobia, water, Brignell, Ball
Jan 18, 2014 nature, consensus, tropical, Pacific, trade winds, sun, volcanoes, aerosols, China, certainty, Solomon, ar5, HadCRUT, temperatures, no trend, Curry, anti-science, vortex, gas power plants, wind power, high cost, low value, energy policy, benign neglect
Jan 11, 2014 API, letter, talking points, trap, sensitivity, sea ice, vortex, Holdren, Rossby waves, money, Met office, natural influence, human influence, turbine life, NREL, DOE, rare earths, IPCC, weakened case, uncertainties, models, Antarctic, original data, wind
Jan 4, 2014 US, energy, smart drilling, LNG, export, unscience, non-science, IPCC, models, positive feedback, co2, logic, Lindzen, China, solar, pv, panels, bio-navy, climate comedy, polar exploration, NESIS, snowstorms, EPA, politicized science
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