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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 28, 2002 How Canada approved Kyoto? but how to implement it?;Myth of scientific consensus; Wind turbines accidents;
Dec 21, 2002 Contreversay on New Source Review for power plants;CO2 emissions decreasing; Good advice fromCicero;
Dec 14, 2002 IPCC economics needs review; Alaska gas pipeline; Greens claim sciences setteled; Support for SEPP;
Dec 7, 2002 Canada leans towards; Nuclear power in Europe ; Greening Earth Society; spoofs papers;
Nov 30, 2002 Canada debates Kyoto Protocol; Russia is key for Kyoto
Nov 23, 2002 Canadian Geologists Challenge Kyoto; Useful Web addresses; Zambia misuses Precautionary Principle
Nov 16, 2002 Wind power problems; Irradiation of meat; Security for hazardous chemicals; Harvard goes for Global Warming.
Nov 9, 2002 Ice in Africa and Antarctic; Rise&Fall of Hockey stick; Longer growing season; Report from COP-8 in India
Nov 2, 2002 Nuclear power around the world; Disel engines cause warming; California sues EPA.
Oct 26, 2002 Antarctic Ozone Hole (AOH); Dioxin from Trash-Burning; No cancer from cell-phones; US climate workshop.
Oct 19, 2002 WTO vs Kyoto; Good news on Ozone; Black Soot drives climate; Wind Farms pollute;
Oct 12, 2002 Energy Bill problems; Africa Deserts shrink; Media Bias for Global Warming;
Oct 5, 2002 State of Kyoto Protocol; Renewables need subsidies; Hope for Asbestos; Cannot trust the National Env Trust...
Sep 28, 2002 Focusing On Global Warming Ignores More Pressing Problems; Climate change from natural processes.
Sep 21, 2002 Reflections on the Johannesburg Earth Summit; Dependence on Saudi Oil ?
Sep 14, 2002 Solar Energy tanks in Sacremento; But Ethanol forges ahead;
Sep 7, 2002 Jo'burg Earth Summit; African recation; British Engineers criticize Energy Policy..
Aug 31, 2002 Energy Subsidies and Ethanol; Green Ideology causes DEATH'S..
Aug 24, 2002 Cosmic Rays control Climate; Contrails show Climate Effects;
Aug 17, 2002 Crazy Weather; New England Politicians go for Kyoto; Asian Brown Cloud.
Aug 10, 2002 Senators question Bush Climate Plan; Brittian lags behind in reducing CO2 emmisions..
Aug 3, 2002 California tries to control CO2; IPCC Chairman blames Global Warming for lack of Monsoon..
Jul 27, 2002 Reaction to WWF report; Saving Environment from greens; No Windmills For Cape Cod.........
Jul 20, 2002 Facts about Dirty Bombs; Germany closes down Enviro Institute; The End is near according to WWF...
Jul 13, 2002 California's Kyoto Gambit; Forests burning.....
Jul 6, 2002 "Dirty Bombs" hype; Chemical facilities terror attacks; Drinking water problems ...
Jun 29, 2002 Sea Level rise; Endocrine disruptors; Chlorine problems ...
Jun 15, 2002 Testimony on National Assesment on Climate Change; Ozone depletion from Hydrogen;
Jun 8, 2002 Big Flap about US Climate Action Report; Data Quality Act; Climate stability during warm periods.
Jun 1, 2002 Windmills in Wales ; Canada rethinking Kyoto; Doom and Gloom about Warming; SEPP booklet on Kyoto
May 25, 2002 Chemicals and Toxicity; Polar Bears in the Arctic;.....
May 18, 2002 SEPP International Climate Workshop makes Recomendations; Wind Power predictions dissapoint.
May 11, 2002
May 11, 2002 Three kinds of Nuclear Terrorisim ; A look back at Global cooling; Al Gore re-emerges
May 4, 2002 Watson out as IPCC chairman; Pachauri in; Russia to resume Nuclear Shipments to US...
Apr 27, 2002 Saudi Oil no longer strategic; Iraqi oil embargo; Global warming hype; Frogs again.
Apr 20, 2002 Enviormental Fraud; New IPCC chairman; The Skeptical Enviormentalist; Solar Fraud.......
Apr 13, 2002 Medieval warming and Little Ice-Age; Debate about ANWR and wind power.....
Apr 6, 2002 Data Quality Act may test EPA standards for PM 2.5 and Ozone; Larsen Ice-shelf breaks up....
Mar 30, 2002 Antarctic ice-shelf collapse hype; Asteroid impact risks; TVA vs EPA; Renewable energy selectively mandated.....
Mar 23, 2002 Chlorine and drinknig water; Chemical risks; Junk Medicine; POP Treaty....
Mar 16, 2002 Nuclear bomb detection; Negative Feedback from Water Vapour; Sea Level Rise revisted;
Mar 9, 2002 Solar Fraud book; Cold Fusion again; European Union and Kyoto;
Mar 2, 2002 Heisenberg visit to Copenhagen ; What to do about spent Nuclear Fuel; Agent Orange not responsible for cancer.
Feb 23, 2002 Canada 's Decision on Kyoto. Analysis of Clear Skies Initiative; Wind Power in UK ; UVB may be good for you..
Feb 16, 2002 Reactions to White House Clean Skies Initiatives; Crazy ideas in science...
Feb 9, 2002 Canada Cons Public, Fall-Out From Chernobyl, Shoddy Science on PCBs and Asthma,Dracula Park
Feb 2, 2002 White House Expected to Move On Treaties On Pollutants, Bacteria Breaks Down PCBs, Frogs Again...
Jan 26, 2002 Enron and the Kyoto Protocol, Global Warming Policies Are Still Alive, Antarctic Has Been Cooling
Jan 19, 2002 Nuclear Waste,Yucca Mountain, Chernobyl Revisited, more...
Jan 12, 2002 Confused Manifesto by 100 Nobelists, Senators Propose National Climate Service, Political News From Europe
Jan 5, 2002
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